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How to Target Business Owners on Facebook | Complete Information

Target business owners on facebook
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Facebook sets the standard for social media by offering some powerful advertising tools.

You can access many demographic and targeting options on Facebook. To maximize your advertising spend, you need to zero in on a specific audience.

In this article, we’ll explain what a Facebook audience is and how to target them to maximize your return on advertising costs.

The social media platform is a place of virtual competition with existing and potential customers. By participating in daily social. Network activities increase companies’ competitiveness, strengthen their visual identity, and build trust and lasting relationships with customers and clients.

Despite Facebook’s vast capabilities, 66% of B2Bs running paid campaigns are still struggling to figure out how to target business owners on Facebook. If Facebook ads have made you feel overwhelmed, defeated, or stressed, then you’re in the right place.

Figuring Out How to Target Business Owners on Facebook

Facebook advertising costs have increased. In 2017, businesses spent 324 million on Facebook ads, but by 2019, that figure had risen to more than $1.5 billion.

Compared to LinkedIn, many B2Bs know that Facebook gives better results because it is more personal. In addition, as of October 2019, more than 140 million businesses have used Facebook apps.

Before we cover the most effective categories, though, let’s consider some essential tips on how you target business owners on Facebook.

  • Combine multiple ad categories to create a unique personality: You don’t need to use the audience below in isolation. Layer relevant categories such as job title, industry, and technology to create a different audience for each of your buyers.
  • Improve your business page: Before running a new targeted campaign, make sure your branding and page content is on point.
  • Set up specific landing pages: Facebook lets you create landing pages in the app to nurture your leads. If you don’t use Facebook’s landing page feature, you should at least create your own dedicated landing pages for each campaign, so that they load faster than your regular domain and focus on visitors.
  • Consider the stage of the shopping cycle: the information you’ve gathered through Facebook Pixel (more on that) or using your favorite analytics tool, try your best to design each campaign for a customer-specific stage. Do Your Facebook B2Bad will be highly relevant and increase your conversion potential.
  • Keep it simple: Every paid Facebook campaign deserves its own call to action. A single CTA keeps visitors focused on the task at hand and prevents any confusion. In addition, your ads will be more relevant.

How to Target Business Owners on Facebook with Facebook Pixel

Anyone running Facebook ads should link their site to Facebook Pixel. Facebook is a small piece of pixel code that gives you better insight into your audience and campaigns. You can do things like:

  • Create dynamic ads for Facebook users who visit your site.
  • Measure your conversions across multiple devices.
  • Do your best to reach your audience to Facebook users.

When you run Facebook Pixel on your site, you get a better grip on things like brand awareness. This is because you will know that someone has changed after viewing your ad, even if they do not interact with it. Also, Facebook Pixel is very easy to install. 

How to Target Business Owners on Facebook with Lookalike Audiences

After linking Facebook Pixel to your website, you can create custom viewers. Start with the current standards set for your audience. For example, you can start with groups such as:

  • B2Bs who saw your site as a possibility and turned it into leads.
  • Leads that turn into customers.
  • Your most loyal users or accounts.
  • Facebook will use its mystery sauce to feature greater information so that you can goal the quality commercial enterprise owners. It also can be used to create account-primarily based totally advertising campaigns.

You can also improve your target audience with your high-performance customer data. When some similar audience is ready to go for you, you can further harass your business owners to target them on Facebook by location, age group, job role, industry, and more.

How to Target Business Owners on Facebook with Lookalike Audiences

Target Business Owners on Facebook with Specific Job Titles

You can also use Facebook to find different job titles for the people you want to contact. For example, business owners can use the job title “CEO”, “Founder”, “Director”, etc.

So that you can focus on the position in the company of the audience you are trying to reach, these are the decision-makers you want to reach through your ads.

Targeting business owners on Facebook with specific job titles ensures that your message is personalized and therefore more effective. And it would be a good idea to target all possible job titles that meet your criteria as this can increase your chances of hitting the right target.

Target Specific Types of Industries

If you want to goal enterprise proprietors in particular industries, you want to enhance your search.

Target Specific Types of Industries2
For example, if you want to target financial business owners, especially investment bankers. Facebook allows you to limit your search based on the professions they’ve entered into their profiles. In addition to targeting business owners in specific industries, you can also use the “Insights” function in advertising to see categories of interests that are summarized in industries such as shopping and fashion, entertainment, business and industry, technology.

Target Business Owners on Facebook with Unique Interest


Target Business Owners on Facebook with Unique Interest

The easiest way to target business owners on Facebook is to target people who are interested in “business” on Facebook. Enter an interest in the Facebook targeting search box to find out what you want.


In fact, both include targeting the specific job titles and industries mentioned above and targeting those who are interested in “business.” But the downside of Facebook Ad Manager is that it only shows a few suggestions for the interests that you can target with the ads, which can lead to many advertisers using those interests and resulting in advertising costs and Poor ROI can increase.

Fortunately, Facebook has some interesting tools that can help solve this problem. Targeting is one of them, a free online Facebook interest tool that helps advertisers find thousands of relevant interests and find the right interest through keyword search and advanced filtering.

You can see the number of listeners, the sex ratio of the audience, and the age of the audience. Out of all these related interests, you can choose the most appropriate interest to target business owners according to your situation. For example, interest rates are appropriate for both “small business owners” and “independent business owners.”

Target Business Owners on Facebook via Magazines or Online Publications

Many business owners read some publications for a variety of reasons in their daily lives. The good news is that Facebook allows advertisers to target people based on the posts they read.

Just think which magazines or online publications like websites, blogs will be read by your ideal business owners. And then enter the name of the ad creator to target their Facebook followers.

If business owners read a particular magazine that has a large readership, you can find it on the Facebook Ads Manager, and target people who are interested in it.

For best results, you should try to find magazines or online publications that are specific to certain types of businesses. For example, if you want to target the estate business, you should focus on finding publications for online magazines and estate agents.

Target Business Owners on Facebook via Magazines or Online Publications

Target Who Use Facebook Payments

This great way lets you target people who have spent money on Facebook over the past three months. If you target this group, it’s helpful to connect with business owners, key decision-makers, or B2B executives who control the company’s budget on Facebook.

Don’t be discouraged if you haven’t targeted the business owners you currently want. Try these 7 expert tips right now – hopefully, you can find something different!

Target Who Use Facebook Payments

Facebook is currently one of the best marketing platforms. Many businesses that sell their products or services include a variety of payment channels and applications. Targeting these payment channels enables you to focus on the business owners who use the Facebook payment system.

Additional tip:

Businesses you can target include online retail, app development, and e-commerce websites, among others.

Target business owners on Facebook through email domains

Anyway, in case you best need to goal enterprise proprietors who use Yahoo’s electronic mail addresses. You can easily target business owners based on email address types.

Additional tip:

You may want to consider email marketing platforms, email applications, and others when targeting business owners based on their email service providers.

Target business owners on Facebook with mobile brands and features 

This shape of concentrated on permits you to generate records primarily based totally on cell gadgets utilized by enterprise owners. However, Facebook has recorded more traffic than various mobile brands. According to a Facebook study, more than 50% of users browse the platform through their mobile devices.

Additional tip:

Target mobile device vendors. There are cell app developers, online cell add-ons stores, and different excellent in shape commercial enterprise niches that you could goal mainly for this form of Facebook campaign.

Target different computer operating systems (OS)

This may sound ridiculous, but you can target business owners based on the operating system they use.

Additional tip:

Desktop software vendors, computer vendors, and maintenance services are appropriate businesses that you can focus on when they target people based on the operating system.

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